Collection: Emerson Pass Historicals

This is the series of my heart. I had a dream about the Barnes family and the young woman who takes a job teaching at a school in a mountain town in Colorado. I wrote everything down in a notebook I keep by the side of my bed but I couldn’t start writing them for TWO years. I was right in the middle of Cliffside Bay and had deadlines! When that series was finally complete, I gave myself a Christmas gift to write The School Mistress during the month of December. All my notes were there with character names and descriptions. And boom, out it came, flowing from my fingertips. Now, keep in mind, I thought only my mother would read it, so this was truly a book for myself. But lo and behold, my readers loved it and I found a whole bunch of new readers to make it even better. And now it’s a complete eight book series. I love the Barnes family. They brought me such joy while writing about them.

These are clean and wholesome historical romances set in the American west circa 1910. By the time we’re finished with the Barnes family, it’s WWII. If you love family saga, multi-generations, pull on your heartstrings but leave you smiling types of reads, then this is the series for you!