Collection: The Cliffside Bay Series

Welcome to Cliffside Bay. I wrote this series after receiving an email from a friend about a northern California own that really wished their visitors would turn around and go home instead of making their sleepy little village a busy tourist destination. They even went so far as to take down road signs put up by the state so that people couldn’t find the road into town. I thought, wow! This is the perfect setting for a small-town romance. Plus, I love the beach and adore writing about it. My husband Cliff and I visited the little town in person before I started writing. I can remember the day like it was yesterday. The way it smelled, the fun little bar with an oar hanging in the window and the stretch of beach where a couple sat on a bench enjoying the view, as well as the curvy road that took us up to the town. I did my best to capture it all within the pages of these books.

This series is perfect if you want to binge something joyful and heartwarming but also enjoy a certain depth and realness to the characters. This series, ultimately, is about family, those you’re born into and those you choose. There’s also a bunch of mystery and suspense to keep you turning those pages!