Collection: The Mystery Matchmaker of Ella Pointe

Finally, my oldest daughter Ella gets her series! This is another historical romance series in the same lane as Emerson Pass. These are releasing in 2023! I’m busily writing them as we speak…but here’s the scoop.

This is a clean and wholesome series, with a murder mystery, tons of family drama, second chances and a little divine intervention thrown in for good measure. I mean, how else would the matchmaker send the perfect brides (and one groom) to Whale Island and the Tutheridge siblings if God weren’t whispering in her ear?

This series has a lot of deep themes, including a hero with a learning disability, an abusive patriarch and women trying to make their way in a world run by men. I also explore the healing between a mother and her children after they’ve experienced family trauma.

I love this series even though I never thought a matchmaking plot could go with a murder mystery but leave it to me to find that pathway. They’re clean and wholesome, so you can share them with any of the people in your family, young or old. Although they explore some deep character wounds, these books are feel-good, happy-ever-after stories. Perfect if you want something uplifting!