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A Match for a Bubbly Bride (The Mystery Matchmaker of Ella Pointe Book 6)

A Match for a Bubbly Bride (The Mystery Matchmaker of Ella Pointe Book 6)

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Can the skilled matchmakers of Ella Pointe to help a melancholic widower with a vivacious little girl rediscover love? Or will his intended love slip away into the arms of an alluring yet perilous charlatan?

As the governess for a guarded widower, I am faced with the daunting task of warming a heart that has deliberately grown cold, isolating him from the vibrant life beyond his walls. Were it not for his enchanting and spirited daughter, I may have sought employment elsewhere. Yet, I am resolute to stay on the picturesque Whale Island, nurturing a blossoming romance with the local schoolmaster and hoping it culminates in a bond of marriage. If it signifies securing a stable home at last, I am willing to endure every storm, even the exasperating presence of Hudson Tutheridge.

My beautiful governess has wrought a miraculous transformation in my daughter, evolving her from tempestuous to delightful. The untimely loss of my wife had compelled me to fortify my heart, yet witnessing this metamorphosis stirs a question within me—could there be room for Piper in my life beyond her duties as a governess?

Journey back in time with Tess Thompson's bestselling historical romantic family saga's sixth installment, promising a heartwarming tale of a stoic hero and his effervescent counterpart. This clean, wholesome romance brims with love, hope, and the age-old charm of finding home in the most unexpected places.
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