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Promise of Tomorrow (Castaway Christmas Book 2)

Promise of Tomorrow (Castaway Christmas Book 2)

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He’s the humble son of a chauffeur. She’s a prisoner in her father’s mansion. Can he break her free from her ivory tower or will darkness prevail?

Millicent Cashmere appears to have the life of luxury. But inside the walls of the Cashmere Manor darkness and family secrets permeate every aspect of young Millicent’s life. A prisoner in her own home, she’s forbidden to have friends or go to school. She has only books to keep her company.

For years Teddy Hill admired pretty Millicent from afar with no idea of the difficulties she endured from her abusive father and his evil housekeeper. When a tragic turn of events changes everything, Teddy must find a way to protect naïve Millicent from a world that wants to cast her aside.

Can these unlikely lovers forge a life together in the worst of circumstances? Historical romance fans will love this turn of the century story about forbidden love, family secrets and second chances.

In this second installment of the Castaway Christmas Series, readers will revisit old friends Wesley, Luci and Sadie as Teddy and Millicent find themselves in Castaway. A heartwarming tale of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love and community!
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